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City of Salina

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2023 Lana Jordan Developing Artist Grants • Final Report


  1. Complete this form within 30 days of completion of grant activities but no later than December 15, 2023.
  2. Submit form and upload supporting materials. 

Grantee Name

Full Address

Dates of Grant Project

Number of People Benefiting from this Project:

Report data in the fields below. 

Final Report Narrative: 

Write a brief summary of how you used the grant funding.  Answer each question below:

Upload programs, publicity and/or promotional materials and photographic documentation (jpeg format - 300 dpi)

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Project Expenses:

  1. Contracted Fees and Service:
         Artistic – fees charged by an artist in any discipline for services
         Technical/Production – fees for stage hands, lighting designers, curators, etc.
         Consultants – fees for a professional who will assist with planning or other kinds of organizational technical assistance needs
  2. Travel – travel costs for staff, guest artists and/or consultants.
  3. Hotel – lodging costs for staff, guest artists and/or consultants.
  4. Space Rental – expenditures for theatre, hall, rehearsal, gallery or other space necessary to complete the grant activities.
  5. Production/Exhibition Expenses – materials and service costs associated with preparing for a performance, exhibit opening or other public presentation of artistic work.
  6. Promotion/Advertising – costs of services and products that are purchased to raise the public’s awareness of the activity described in the grant application.
  7. Printing and Mailing – costs associated with designing, printing and mailing brochures, exhibition catalogs, study guides, directories, etc.
  8. Administration Expenses – costs associated with personnel, telephone, and office supplies (not to exceed 20% of request).
  9. Tuition or Registration Fees – costs associated with attending a professional development workshop or conference.
  10. Other – supplies, resource materials, or other items that do not fit into the specific budget categories.

Income must equal Expenses.  Grant funds from the Salina Arts and Humanities Foundation should appear on line 8 of the Budget Sheet.  Do not show any income that your organization is handling as a fiscal agent for another organization when you apply for funds for your own activities.

Earned Income sources may include fees, sales, concessions, contracted revenue, income from endowments, etc.

Total Applicant Income must be at least one-half (50%) of the total project expenses.

Upload Completed Budget Sheet (250MB max)

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I hereby certify that this report is accurate and serves as the financial record of this project.  Records and documents related to this report shall be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years, in accordance with the regulations of the Salina Arts and Humanities Horizons Grants Program.

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