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City of Salina

300 W Ash, Salina, KS, 67401, US

Special Needs Alerts and Identification Location Alert Update Form

If you are a parent, guardian, caregiver or individual who has an established S.A.Id. Alert in the Salina Police Department's database, please complete the following form to update your location alert. Remember, this form must be submitted annually for the alert to remain active in the database. If you have a question regarding any portion of the form or the status of your alert, please send an email to and Amber Pfeifer at

Full Name

Date of Birth


Descriptive Information


Please upload a recent photo of the individual that includes only their head and shoulders. If possible, also send a digital version of the photo (png or jpeg format) to and Make sure to include the individual's name and date of birth in the email.

Upload Photo

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School or Daycare Information (if applicable)

Address of School or Daycare

S.A.Id. Location Form completed by:

By submitting this form, I certify that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that I voluntarily provided the information within this form and that it will not result in any type of preferential treatment from first responders. I hereby grant the Salina Police Department to create an alert utilizing the above information and consent to that information being shared with the Salina Fire Department and the paramedics and ambulance service.

Authorization for Alert