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Enrichment Grant • 2021 Final Report


  1. Complete this form within 30 days of completion of grant activities.
  2. Submit form and upload supporting materials. 


Full Date

Grantee Name

Full Address

Project Summary

Dates of Grant Project

I. Project Summary

II. Final Budget

The Total Actual Cash Expenses listed above must equal or exceed the Grant Amount Awarded listed above.  Note: Expenses may exceed $500, with the additional income provided by the artist or organization as listed as "Income." However, the applicant is not required to contribute matching funds.  While cash matches are not required be sure to include personal contributions, organizational funds (if applicable) and any  other outside funding. 

III. Documentation

Upload newspaper clipping, photograph (jped format preferred), event or conference program, etc.

IV. Certification

I hereby certify that this report is an accurate report and financial record of this project.  Records and documents related to this report shall be maintained for a minimum of three (3) years, in accordance with the regulations of the Saina Arts & Humanities' Horizons Program. 

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  • Program Assistant forwards electronic copy of pdf submission to Arts Education Coordinator and Office Administrator.
  • Office Administrator will print and obtain approval from staff and Executive Director.
  • Arts Educaton Coordinator will give the fully executed, signed document to Accounting Technician. 

Staff Approval: _____________________________________

Executive Director Approval: _________________________________