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Thank you for your interest in teaching for Arts Infusion, a program of Salina Arts & Humanities, a department of the City of Salina. Teaching Artists are independent contractors who take their practice to schools and share it with PreK-12 students in a prepared format that allows students to relate the session to what they are experiencing in the classroom. More information is available on our website at:

Requirement: At least 2 years of experience as a teaching artist/arts educator or related background in arts and education, including demonstrated experience instructing youth.

This application is due by May 1, 2024. If you have multiple topics to propose, please complete additional applications. The Arts Education Coordinator will follow up to discuss your application and availability within our program. For more information, contact Salina Arts & Humanities, Arts Education Coordinator, Sarah Keck at or 785-309-5770.

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One topic per proposal, please submit a complete application for each topic type you wish to teach. 

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